Paper Shredding Services

Document destruction does not have to be expensive,  inconvenient, or harmful to the environment.  As a HIPAA and FACTA-compliant commercial shredding company, Shred4Good uses industry standard and compliant processes and procedures to ensure that our customers have peace of mind and surety that their confidential documents have been destroyed and are disposed of in the most ecological means possible.

Outsourcing your Shredding Services Saves Time and Money!

In addition to be being more secure and legally compliant, using Shred4Good for your paper shredding services saves time and money.  Your employees can focus on your business, while we professionally dispose of your confidential materials, reducing risk by preventing identity theft and misuse of your confidential documents.

Our Secure Facility is State-of-the Art!

Your documents are securely delivered to our shredding facility, via our locked, GPS-tracked, transport van, where they are weighed, tracked, and prepared for destruction.

We do not use “Gas Guzzling, Environment-Killing” Shred Trucks!

In addition to being slow and time-consuming, on-site shredders using mobile shred trucks are TERRIBLE for the environment!  The trucks weigh 33,000 pounds, 6 times as much as our environmentally-friendly transport vans that get nearly 20 miles per gallon.  While shredding your documents on-site, the truck is running a very inefficient generator, or worse yet, its own huge diesel engine to power the shredding machines, which require high-quality 3-phase power.  These trucks POLLUTE the environment while driving around and while shredding.

Scheduled Pickups or One-Time Purges are Welcomed!

We can set up routine pickups, such as weekly, by-weekly, or monthly, and we provide you with FREE locked, secure document containers to collect your sensitive documents.

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