Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives and other digital storage devices such as smartphones, tablets, PDAs, laptops, CDs, DVDs, floppies, ZIP disks should be physically destroyed in order to prevent data recovery.  Erasing these devices is simply insufficient to prevent unwanted data recovery or theft.

We Destroy These Devices by Crushing them Into Tiny Pieces!

We use massive physical kinetic force to crush these devices, usually rendering the storage media itself into small pieces.

 We Can Pick Up Your Devices to be Destroyed.

Shred4Good’s background-checked data destruction technician will come to pick up your media to be destroyed, and document the devices to be destroyed in and established “chain of custody” procedure.  Once your devices are destroyed, you’ll receive a Certification of Destruction documenting the complete and total destruction of the devices.

 The Leftover Pieces of Your Destroyed Devices are Recycled in a Responsible Manner.

In order to be “environment-friendly”, all of the materials that enter Shred4Good’s facility for destruction are responsibly recycled.

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