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What type of material do you accept for shredding?

We’ll accept all white and mixed paper documents including file folders, hanging file folders, binders, spiral notebooks, CDs, floppy disks, DVDs, envelopes, unopened envelopes, checks, checkbooks, magazines, junk mail, etc.

Do I have to remove paper clips, staples, binder clips, etc?


We’ll take care of prepping all of your documents for shredding.

Can I bring my documents to you for shredding?

Yes, but you’ll need to schedule and appointment to drop them off.   We shred in a secure facility that is not open to the public.  We can arrange to meet you in our DMZ, and area of our facility that allows public access, and we’ll take possession of your documents there and transfer them securely into our secure shredding facility.

But since we pick up your documents for free, you can just schedule a pickup and we’ll take care off that for you if that’s more convenient!

Do you pick up from residences, storage units, or other locations?


Just make arrangements for a pickup and we’ll pick up your materials anywhere they happen to be in the Metropolitan Washington DC area.

Do you provide secure containers for us to collect our documents?


Just and they are completely FREE or your use with a periodic (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) service.

We can usually deliver your secure container(s) the next business day.

How quickly can you come to pick up my documents?

We usually can pick up your materials on the very next business day.

Do you provide on-site shredding?


Mobile-shredding trucks are awful GAS GUZZLERS, and are terrible for the environment.   We use fuel-efficient, secure, and GPS-tracked vans to pick up your documents, and they are transported to our secure shredding facility.

And since our mission is to employ adults who are blind or visually impaired or with other disabilities, our secure facility provides a safe and productive community-based workplace for them to work.

What happens to the material that is shredded?

The shredded material is processed into bales and recycled into pulp in order to manufacture recycled paper and other products.  Everything is 100% recycled.

Do I have to use your secure containers? What if I have my own boxes?

You do NOT have to use our FREE secure containers.

We can accept your documents in your own boxes, especially if you are doing a purge.  We do not keep your boxes and cannot return them to you.  They are completed recycled in our process.

Can you destroy hard drives or cell phones?


We provide hard drive destruction services and can also destroy cell phones and other digital material. Check out our page on Hard Drive Destruction.

Can we personally witness our documents being destroyed?

No, Our shredding facility is secure and only background-checked uniformed employees and permitted inside.

All of our shredding operations are under live video surveillance, so we can provide you with video evidence of your shredding.  Just let us know if you have these requirements and we can arrange for you to view the destruction of your material.

How quickly do you shred our documents?

Documents are usually destroyed with 1-2 business days of their receipt in our facility.  We have various staffing and throughput processing levels, and we process materials on a first-in, first-out basis. and we like to keep a clean and safe operations floor.

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