About Us

Shred4Good is Different!  Here’s Why!

Shred4Good provides excellent, professional, industry-leading, standards-compliant paper shredding and hard drive destruction to Metropolitan Washington DC businesses, organizations, Government agencies, and homes.  

But what makes us UNIQUE, is that, unlike other shredding services, Shred4Good is a non-profit, community-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization that has its mission to provide community-based, inclusive, and integrated employment and job-training to adults who are blind and visual impaired or have other disabilities.  

Shred4Good employees get the benefit of working a meaningful job with meaningful wages.  Our vocational programs produce results in creating jobs and developing valuable and marketable skills for our employees.  Our shredding services help fund these programs.

By choosing Shred4Good for your shredding services, you help neighbors who may not otherwise have job opportunities in the community.

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