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Government laws and regulations require that documents that contain sensitive customer information be destroyed, not just thrown away.  Shred4Good is an important part of your compliance program by providing certified destruction of these documents and devices.



You can reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft by shredding documents containing private, confidential, and sensitive information.  Documents containing this information should NEVER be placed in a regular trash receptacle or recycling container without being properly destroyed.



Everything we shred is 100% recycled, nothing goes to the landfill!  Your shredded documents are recycled into new products, saving trees from being harvested to make these products, and providing additional savings in energy and water usage.

Serving all of Metropolitan Washington DC, including Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland!

Please take a look at the services we offer

Paper Shredding Services

shredboxShred4Good provides both regularly scheduled and “on-call” shredding services.  We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickups for your organization, providing locking secure document containers for you free of charge.

We can also provide free pickup service for your occasional document “purges” for 15-500 boxes.  You’ll never have to worry about documents getting into the wrong hands once we pick them up.

Hard Drive Destruction

imac-1Physical destruction of hard drives guarantees that data on the device cannot be recovered or compromised.  Simple erasing or wiping is not sufficient to prevent recovery and theft of confidential data.

We use physical kinetic trauma and literally crush the device, shattering the data platters into random-shaped tiny pieces, ensuring that data recovery or theft is impossible.

We can physically destroy all types and sizes of hard drives, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other types of electronic media.

FREE Pickup of Material to be Shredded!

‘Free pickup of your material to be shredded in the metro Washington DC area.  Whether its a periodic pickup, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, or a “once in a while” purge, we will pickup your material to be shredded and transport it in our locked truck or van, monitored by our fleet GPS system from Quartix.

FREE Locked Containers for your Business!

When you enroll on one of our periodic FREE pickup programs, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we provide FREE locked containers to you and we even deliver them for FREE.  We can schedule your routine pickups anytime, even after business hours, and our uniformed pickup specialists will remove the materials from the locked containers and deliver them to our secure shredding plant for destruction.